Congressman Peter Roskam

Representing the 6th District of Illinois

Tax Return Services

Here are some helpful tips to help you file your taxes:

TAX PREPARATION PROGRAMS: Tax returns are due soon. Did you know that our current tax code stands at over four million words? Fortunately, there are free programs that can help you navigate it. Check out these assistance and tax preparation programs that you should know about before filing your taxes.

PROTECT YOURSELF FROM TAX-RELATED SCHEMES: Tax-related scams and identity theft have spiked in the past year – with the number of IRS investigations up 66 percent. Even as the IRS ramps up its efforts to combat fraud in 2014, you must play a part in taking steps to protect yourself. Here are some vital tips that you can use to recognize phony claims and beat identity theft

LAST-MINUTE FILING TIPS: Don’t forget to file your tax return by midnight on April 15. Take time to double-check all the paperwork and if you can’t file by the deadline, request an extension to avoid fines. Here are some more helpful last-minute tips.