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Representing the 6th District of Illinois

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Jan 25, 2011 Press Release

Press Release

Excerpt:"We need to make decisions moving forward that try and create an environment where worldwide American companies - or little American companies - are in the best possible footing to be competitive and dynamic. And that is no cost job creation. And that is something we can all agree upon."

Jan 25, 2011 Press Release

Press Release 

Excerpt: "I fear that President Obama is not listening to Americans' clear warnings, because 'invest' and 'freeze' actually means 'more government spending' and 'locking in a Pelosi-level budget.' We saw those job-destroying policies in action over the last two years, and in turn, the American people voted for a drastically different direction this past November."

Jan 20, 2011 Article

Article: Naperville Sun, by Susan Frick Carlman

Excerpt: ...Roskam told his colleagues on the House floor Wednesday that employers' apprehensions about expanding their head counts in the face of uncertainties about their future health care expenses underscore the need "to change this economy so that people want to hire again." The local lawmakers were also on board when the House voted Thursday to move ahead on a revised health reform plan. Included in that proposal are a dozen general goals, most of which are part of the existing law, with direction for four committees to draw up new legislative proposals.

Jan 19, 2011 Press Release

Press Release

Representative Peter Roskam: "[Americans] understand that what has to happen is that businesses have to be able to thrive, and to hire, and to grow and be dynamic. If we repeal this and replace this with the type of thoughtful healthcare initiative that is going to be forthcoming, I think we will do a world of service to everybody that we're trying to help, and that is to change this economy so that people want to hire again."

Jan 8, 2011 Press Release

Press Release

Excerpt: "Attacks of this kind, in our democratic society, simply cannot stand. My thoughts and prayers are with all those injured and their families in this senseless attack."

Jan 7, 2011 Press Release

Press Release

Excerpt: "Decemeber was the 20th consecutive month of unemployment over 9%, and America clearly still has a long way to go towards an economic recovery. While today's positive news is welcome progress, House Republicans intend to use our new Majority to focus on creating an economic environment in which employers large and small feel confident enough to hire new workers. We will deliver on this by running a cut-and-grow House; we're going to cut spending and cultivate a growing economy."

Jan 5, 2011 Article

Article: The Daily Herald

Excerpt: A suburban Congressman will play a major role in the swearing in of new House Speaker John Boehner Wednesday, as one of a handful of lawmakers selected to escort the Ohio Republican to the chamber podium to take the oath of office. Sixth District Congressman Peter Roskam's part in the ceremony, which comes weeks after the Wheaton resident's appointment as chief deputy Whip, is the first public display of his rise in the ranks of his party.