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Aug 31, 2011 Article

Article: The Daily Herald, by Kerry Lester

Excerpt: Downers Grove-based Sara Lee says it's hurt by proposed new federal nutrition guidelines aimed at eliminating childhood obesity. The new guidelines would prohibit advertising turkey sandwiches and hot dogs at sporting events and on television programs attracting large numbers of children because of the products' high sodium contents.

"I think the issue most easy to crystallize is the issue Sara Lee finds itself dealing with," Roskam said. "It points out an absurdity, something we need to transcend to create a buoyancy in the economy."

Like Sara Lee, other area companies told Roskam that government regulation is hurting their bottom lines.

Aug 31, 2011 Article

Article: CBS Chicago

Excerpt: Roskam is proposing that Congress be required to approve any change in rules that would impact the nation's economy by more than $100 million.

He said he is aware that it would mean rulemaking gridlock.

"It would have a restraining influence at the agency level, where federal executive branch officials are going to say, 'Look, this has to pass the House and the Senate.' Internally, it will have a restraining influence," Roskam said.

Aug 31, 2011 Opinion Piece

Op-Ed: Chicago Sun-Times, by Congressman Peter Roskam

Excerpt: Appropriate and responsible regulations play an important policymaking role. Yet the Obama administration has turned rule-making into an assault on American businesses and the jobs they create. Right now, 4,257 new regulations are in the works, 219 of which will cost over $100 million annually — 15 percent more than last year.

Jul 27, 2011 Press Release

Interview on Fox News

Excerpt: I'm not here today pumping sunshine telling you that this makes all of the fiscal problems of the United States go away. The previous congress and this administration have rung up national debt to the point where it is crippling, and these are the consequences of it. What we've got to do is take this on one step at a time, and I would submit that Speaker Boehner's plan is exactly that first step we need to move forward, and I think most folks are getting clear-minded about that as well.”

Jul 25, 2011 Press Release

Press Release

Excerpt: “Washington has a spending problem, not a revenue problem, and higher taxes and putting politics ahead of good policy is not a viable solution. Americans support the principles of Cut, Cap and Balance. That’s why the House will vote this week on a debt plan that upholds the principles of Cut, Cap and Balance, and cuts more than it raises."

Jul 14, 2011 Opinion Piece

Op-Ed: The Hill, by Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy and Congressman Roskam

Excerpt: A constitutional mandate would legally bind both the president and Congress to produce annual budgets that spend no more than the government takes in. It would end the explosive annual deficits that have ballooned to record levels. Last year alone, under President Obama and the Democrat-controlled Congress, our annual deficit was $1.4 trillion, and we’re paying billions in interest on the borrowing for the failed $800 billion “stimulus” bill from the year before. These figures are unconscionable, and only the legal force of a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget will guarantee a change in our fiscal course.

Jul 8, 2011 Press Release

Press Release

Excerpt: “Washington's spending problem continues to create barriers to job creation, yet Democrats simply want more of the same failed policies: higher taxes and continuing the spending binge. That's exactly what got us 9.2% unemployment, a potential double-dip recession, and our backbreaking debt.

Jul 1, 2011 Opinion Piece

Op-Ed, by Congressman Roskam

Excerpt: Oil is a vital resource for the U.S., and affects everything from the cost of our vacation travel to the price of food for our barbeques.  In fact, oil fulfills nearly 40% of total U.S. energy demands, including 94% of the energy used in the transportation of people and goods.  No matter what your plans are this holiday weekend, you’re being negatively impacted by the energy barriers created in Washington.

Jun 23, 2011 Press Release

Press Release

Excerpt: "It's increasingly clear that this Administration has no credible or responsible plan for our economy or lowering Americans' energy costs. Faced with that reality, the Administration is instead taking 30 million barrels of oil from our Strategic Petroleum Reserve, oil saved for our strategic national security."

Jun 21, 2011 Opinion Piece

Op-Ed, by Congressman Roskam

Excerpt: We need a comprehensive fundamental tax reform overhaul — one that produces a system that raises the necessary revenue for the government to run as efficiently as possible, while removing barriers to private-sector job creation. More specifically, we need a revenue code that is fairer, simpler and no longer hinders our economic competitiveness — all of which cost jobs.

A fairer and simpler tax code would reduce costs for American citizens and job creators. Right now, the tax code often forces employers to make investment decisions based on the tax code, not by what is best for their business.