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May 23, 2011 Press Release

Press Release

 Excerpt: "I'm honored to receive this award from the Chamber of Commerce for fighting for more jobs and commerce in the Sixth District," said Congressman Roskam. House Republicans are committed to removing barriers to job creation in Washington so businesses can flourish all over the country. Republicans have fundamentally changed the conversation in Washington – from one of spending and borrowing money we don't have, to cutting and saving your tax dollars. Cutting spending and putting Washington on sound financial footing will return certainty to the economy, and create jobs and economic growth."

May 18, 2011 Article

Article: The Washington Post, by Jennifer Rubin

Excerpt: With regard to the rest of the Middle East, Roskam is blunt. He said that no one can really dispute that the administration has "underperformed" in the region. Roskam is concerned that the "mixed messages and ambiguity have exacerbated" tensions and instability there. In Syria, for example, the administration has intervened in countries with "comparatively less importance" than Syria to U.S. security. He would like to see some acknowledgment that our past approach hasn't worked. He compares today's events to the situation in June 2009 in Iran, when the administration "squandered' an opportunity to align itself with the democracy movement. Roskam urged that Obama take "the opportunity to be more forthright and clear" about where we stand.


May 18, 2011 Opinion Piece

Op-Ed: Politico, by Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Congressman Roskam

Excerpt: In a dangerous region, Israel is a democratic ally bound to us by a shared set of beliefs in freedom, peace and human progress. Serving on the front lines of the struggle against terrorism and Iranian-backed aggression, Israel is our vital strategic asset that provides stability to a volatile neighborhood.

The Hamas-Fatah reconciliation agreement empowers Hamas terrorists and endangers Israel. The U.S. must use every tool in our diplomatic arsenal to make clear that we will not tolerate a Palestinian government that includes Hamas.

It is our duty, as leader of the free world, to do no less.

May 11, 2011 Press Release

Press Release

Excerpt: "The administration has demonstrated a passive aggressive way – the slow walking of permits [and] these moratoriums that are in place that are simply stifling American energy production – at a time that without question we need more energy. We need more energy from a job creation point of view, we need more energy from a revenue pioint of view, and ultimately we need more energy from a national security point of view. As we're watching television, we're getting briefings about nations that are becoming more and more tumultuous. Ironically, those very nations we count on for energy production.

May 10, 2011 Opinion Piece

Op-Ed: Publius' Forum, by Congressman Roskam

 Excerpt: Taking advantage of America's natural resources is a commonsense way to lower gas prices, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and create jobs here. Unfortunately, many refuse to listen to commonsense.

 By actively blocking and delaying American energy production, the White House's energy policy has caused gas prices to spike, jobs to be lost, and made the U.S. more reliant on unstable foreign energy.

May 5, 2011 Press Release

Press Release

Excerpt: "Illinois families and businesses are struggling from skyrocketing gas prices and are looking for action to lower prices and ensure America becomes less dependent on foreign energy. I congratulate the House for taking action to re-start energy projects that have been cancelled or delayed by the Obama Administration. With a gallon of gas more than $4.50 in Chicagoland today, we must safely utilize our natural resources to lower gas prices and create jobs."

May 2, 2011 Press Release

Press Release

Excerpt: "I am deeply appreciative of the armed forces and clandestine officers, the unsung heroes that delivered justice for America and the world. While this is a tremendous victory, our work is not done. We still face a serious threat from Al-Qaeda and radical Islamic terrorists and must stay vigilant in our efforts to fight terrorism."

Apr 29, 2011 Press Release

Press Release

Excerpt: The former Speaker recently sent his personal desk as Speaker to Roskam.

The desk has a long and distinguished history among Illinois Members of Congress. First used by Majority Whip Leslie Arends in the late 1940s, it was then passed down to then-Minority Leader Congressman Robert Michel in the 1980s, then in turn to Hastert.

Apr 15, 2011 Press Release

Press Release

Excerpt: "We can choose a historic plan that brings a brightness to the economy, that creates jobs and opportunity, that doesn't mortgage our children's future to China, and ultimately puts the U.S. on a global competitive basis the likes of which the world will have never seen."

Apr 13, 2011 Press Release

Press Release

Excerpt: "Americans are experiencing a painful reminder this week of just how much they pay in taxes and just how complex and outdated our tax system is. We need fundamental tax reform that encourages job-growth and increases revenue by broadening the tax base – not the same tired plan of more taxes for job creators while ignoring the fiscal elephant in the room. House Republicans look forward to passing our Path to Prosperity that reforms the tax system, saves Medicare and allows future generations to inherit a debt-free future."