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Mar 6, 2013 Press Release

Press Release:

Excerpt: "The bipartisan Nuclear Iran Prevention Act would tighten existing sanctions on Iran, including on human rights violators, and make it the official policy of the United States to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapons capability."

Mar 6, 2013 Press Release

Press Release: 

Excerpt: "While the certainty that this Continuing Resolution brings for the fiscal year is a good thing, the next step must be a lasting strategy to get our country on strong financial footing."

Mar 4, 2013 Opinion Piece

Op-Ed: Daily Herald by Peter Roskam

Excerpt: "When the money runs out, this vital safety net goes insolvent and seniors can no longer access the care they need. We cannot let seniors that need Medicare the most continue to lose out to criminals."

Mar 1, 2013 Ask Peter

Press Release:

Excerpt: "Today is the day sequester goes into effect. And today is also the first day that President Obama has agreed to meet with Congressional leaders to try and come up with a solution to turn off his sequester. Now here’s the irony: the President proposed the sequester, he made commitments to veto any efforts to undo the sequester, and now he thinks the sequester is a bad idea."

Feb 28, 2013 Press Release

Press Release:

Excerpt: "There’s an opportunity for us to work together. And I am pleased to have recently joined the Congressional Veterans Jobs Caucus in an effort to bring Republicans and Democrats together to be like-minded as we seek to serve those who have served us so well."

Feb 26, 2013 Press Release

Press Release:

Excerpt: "Today, the void of presidential leadership was on full display.  Instead of getting in a room with Senate Democrats and passing a sequester replacement plan, President Obama chose to get behind a podium and give yet another speech."

Feb 25, 2013 Press Release

Comunicado de Prensa:

Extracto: "Sin embargo, durante casi cuatro años, el Senado ha eludido una de sus más básicas responsabilidades en cuanto al ejercicio del poder: la presentación y aprobación de un presupuesto. Para ponerlo en perspectiva, la última vez que el Senado aprobó un presupuesto fue el día en que Rod Blagojevich fue acusado." 

Feb 20, 2013 Ask Peter

Press Release:

Excerpt: "Here’s the problem -  the underlying law, ObamaCare, wasn’t well put together and now these state exchanges are built upon a foundation that doesn’t make any sense. And as we move forward, we’re going to continue to see more pressure that drives up the cost of healthcare."

Feb 19, 2013 Press Release

Photo Release:

Excerpt: "WASHINGTON –Congressman and new Co-Chair of the House India Caucus Peter Roskam (IL-06) met with Indian Ambassador Nirupama Rao to discuss the future of the partnership and its common priorities of trade and investment, global security and democracy. "

Feb 15, 2013 Press Release

Comunicado de Prensa:

Extracto:“Este programa no solo permite que las familias de ingresos medios ahorren dinero en la preparación de la declaración de impuestos cada año, sino que además no implica un costo para el gobierno federal; además, le ha permitido al IRS ahorrar cientos de millones de dólares."