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Mar 13, 2013 Article

Daily Herald:  Roskam, Obama exchange less jovial in Capitol meeting by Kerry Lester

Excerpt: "When they hear the president talking about how he approaches the economy, they fear he's leading in the same direction Illinois is now," Roskam said he told the president during the meeting in the Capitol basement with 232 Republican members. "Pursuing revenues, not dealing with the underlying spending problems. Higher than average unemployment. What they hear is avoidance behavior."

Mar 13, 2013 Press Release

Press Release:

Excerpt: "Time and time again, Iran demonstrates its defiance of international sanctions aimed at curbing its nuclear program,” said Congressman Roskam. “Tehran will stop at nothing to achieve a nuclear weapons capability, but we must do everything in our power to ensure that doesn’t happen. I am pleased to author this bipartisan letter in the effort to stop Iran’s pursuit for nuclear weapons.”

Mar 12, 2013 Ask Peter

Press Release:

Excerpt: "Well, if you can’t come to the White House, Flat Stanley can. And I hope that you’ll #SendFlatStanley to the White House or #SendFlatStanley to my district office in West Chicago and we’ll take Flat Stanley to the United States Capitol and other places around Washington, D.C."

Mar 12, 2013 Press Release

Press Release:

Excerpt: "Our budget doesn’t call for more taxes from the American people but instead overhauls our tax code to make it simpler and fairer.  Our budget encourages economic mobility and saves and strengthens Medicare for future generations. It’s a balanced plan that fosters growth to create new jobs and opportunities for Americans by getting spending under control and  getting government out of the way."

Mar 8, 2013 Ask Peter

Press Release:

Excerpt: "Whether it’s passport services or a Social Security check or something to do with the Department of Veterans Affairs – my office is here to help. We’ve got trained professionals in the district office located in West Chicago who are only a phone call away."

Mar 7, 2013 Press Release

Press Release:

Excerpt: "I am disappointed that this politically-motivated decision will keep Americans – especially students on school trips – from seeing one of the most beloved landmarks of our nation’s history."

Mar 6, 2013 Press Release

Press Release:

Excerpt: "The bipartisan Nuclear Iran Prevention Act would tighten existing sanctions on Iran, including on human rights violators, and make it the official policy of the United States to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapons capability."

Mar 6, 2013 Press Release

Press Release: 

Excerpt: "While the certainty that this Continuing Resolution brings for the fiscal year is a good thing, the next step must be a lasting strategy to get our country on strong financial footing."

Mar 4, 2013 Opinion Piece

Op-Ed: Daily Herald by Peter Roskam

Excerpt: "When the money runs out, this vital safety net goes insolvent and seniors can no longer access the care they need. We cannot let seniors that need Medicare the most continue to lose out to criminals."

Mar 1, 2013 Ask Peter

Press Release:

Excerpt: "Today is the day sequester goes into effect. And today is also the first day that President Obama has agreed to meet with Congressional leaders to try and come up with a solution to turn off his sequester. Now here’s the irony: the President proposed the sequester, he made commitments to veto any efforts to undo the sequester, and now he thinks the sequester is a bad idea."