Congressman Peter Roskam

Representing the 6th District of Illinois

What IL-06 taxpayers are saying about tax reform

Nov 10, 2017
Press Release

DuPage County, IL – Small businesses across Illinois’ 6th Congressional District are not alone in their support of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act; constituents are also expressing their support for real tax reform and their gratitude to Representative Peter Roskam (IL-6) for his hard work in ensuring that that his constituents – and Americans at every income bracket – feel the impact of real tax relief.

“Today we took the most significant step on real tax reform than we’ve taken in over 30 years. Americans are yearning to see real tax relief and the work we’ve done on this bill respects and rewards hardworking, middle-class families in my district and across the country and allows us to grow a healthy economy and more jobs,” said Rep. Roskam.


Kevin Cavanaugh, Palatine: “What’s most important to me is that I’m able to keep more of the money I make to care for my twin daughters. Congressman Roskam is a family man and he gets that. I am confident that his work on this tax bill will accomplish that.”

L. O’Brien, Lake Zurich: “We have been waiting for real tax relief for years. Representative Roskam’s efforts and leadership with tax reform will help me and my family. As a business leader, it is just what we need to help with job growth. I am especially excited for the simplicity of tax return preparation.” 

Mark Mirsky, Bartlett: "There's a lot to be excited about in H.R. 1. Hardworking taxpayers are being punished by our current tax code and this bill rewards hard work by putting more money back into your paycheck." 

Kristen Gum, Wheaton: "As a recent graduate, I see many of my classmates struggling to find jobs. H.R. 1 will create a tax code that will help cultivate an environment to create those jobs. This is key for many students to be able to build futures for themselves and I am proud to say my member of Congress, Peter Roskam, is helping. "

Mike Sell, Winfield: "After graduating from college, I started a business in West Chicago. Tax reform would not only help me grow my business, but it’ll help me keep more of my money to invest in my business moving forward. I look forward to seeing these reforms passed and thank Peter Roskam for his work on this bill.”

Gene Dawson, Barrington: “Lowering taxes is so important to everyone. I'm retired and the savings we'll see from this tax plan will really help to offset the increasing costs of living in Illinois and help us all save more.”

David Suwada, Darien: “This new tax act is going to keep me from giving the government more of my hard-earned dollars. I can’t wait to see it pass.”

Aneta Pilasiewicz, Bartlett: "Rep Roskam understands we need to save money on our tax bills to care for our families. That's why I'm happy to see him working to get this plan passed and fighting for the middle class."

Michael Mika, Lake in the Hills: "With taxes always going up in IL, I love that Congressman Roskam is doing the opposite and working to decrease our overall tax burden. This bill is setting us on the right path"

Bob Grogan, Downers Grove: “I have a vested interest in tax reform on two fronts: first and foremost, I’m a father of three and every hour I have to spend filling out taxes is another hour I don’t get to spend with my children. Second, I’m a CPA, and the complexity that we’ve built into our tax code is a barrier to entry for small business owners everywhere in the county. If we could simplify our tax code, we would reduce the cost of compliance and allow people to focus on their core business. Representative Roskam and I have had detailed conversations and I’m amazed with his depth of understanding on the problem with our current tax code and the benefits of a revised tax code.”

Kirk Dillard, Hinsdale: “I am thankful to Congressman Roskam for keeping the commuter tax benefit in place for individuals. This is a plus for the over 2 million riders which take mass transit in our region daily.” (Chairman of the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA))

Tom Musschoot, President of General Kinematics: “The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is an important step forward toward comprehensive tax reform that will simplify the code, lower rates and spur manufacturing job growth in Illinois. Congressman Peter Roskam deserves special credit for listening to the needs of his constituent businesses in helping to craft this legislation. I look forward to working with Congressman Roskam to advance comprehensive tax reform, which will help improve our global competitiveness and allow us to create more jobs in America.” (General Kinematics employs more than 150 residents of Illinois’ 6th District)

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