Congressman Peter Roskam

Representing the 6th District of Illinois

Roskam Votes To Rescue Economy From Job-Destroying Healthcare Bill

Jan 19, 2011
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Tonight, the House of Representatives voted 245 – 189 to pass H.R. 2, repealing the Democrats job-destroying Healthcare bill. Earlier today, Congressman Peter Roskam (R-IL), the Chief Deputy Whip of the House Republican Majority, released the following video of him speaking on the House floor, and in his office, in favor of repealing the healthcare bill:

"I'm Congressman Peter Roskam, and I'm in my office here in the United States Capitol getting ready to go upstairs to the House floor.

"It's a historic day in Washington D.C. It's a day that is a reflection of all of the work, all of the energy and all of the speaking out that's happened for the past year essentially. Without question the American public have said, 'we don't want this healthcare law jammed down our throats because it's having an adverse impact on job creation, it's making healthcare costs go up – let's drop this thing.'

"Well, today there's a chance to repeal it – we're going to vote on that very shortly. So follow me up, we're going to be on the House floor in a couple of minutes trying to make this articulation that we need to repeal it and replace it with something that brings healthcare costs down and deals with pre-existing conditions.

... on the House floor...

"I thank the gentleman for yielding. Thank you Madam Speaker.

"For the past year we have had an incredible national conversation about this issue – healthcare. And it has been robust and dynamic, and it has brought about a sense of clarity. Often times we tell people, 'look if you want to participate, participate in the ballot box, make your voice heard.'

"I really don't think there is any arguing that last November people made their voices heard. They said with real clarity that they want this bill repealed and they want it replaced with something that brings healthcare costs down and deals with pre-existing conditions.

"Employers in my home state, Madam Speaker, just got hit hard with the new tax increase that got jammed through by the Illinois General Assembly. 74% of employers in the Midwest have recently in surveys said that this bill that we are talking about repealing would have an adverse impact on their hiring decisions.

"Now it's with no sense of irony that now-Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, when she was Speaker, said that 'we have to pass the bill so that you can see what's in it.' Well she did – and we do – and the American public does. And the American public said 'enough!'

"[Americans] understand that what has to happen is that businesses have to be able to thrive, and to hire, and to grow and be dynamic. If we repeal this and replace this with the type of thoughtful healthcare initiative that is going to be forthcoming, I think we will do a world of service to everybody that we're trying to help and that is to change this economy so that people want to hire again. I yield back."

Healthcare and Jobs Facts:

Two Hundred Economic Experts Agree That the Healthcare Bill Would Destroy Jobs, Calling It A "Barrier to Job Growth." "A Barrier to Job Growth: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act contains expensive mandates and penalties that create major barriers to stronger job growth. The mandates will compete for the scarce business resources used for hiring and firm expansion. The law also levies roughly $500 billion in new taxes that will enter the supply chain for medical services, raising the cost of medical services." (Letter To Congressional Leaders, Douglas Holtz-Eakin et al, 1/18/11)

Employers Overwhelmingly Believe ObamaCare Will Increase Their Healthcare Costs. "An overwhelming majority of employers—74 percent—said they expect the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to increase group plan costs beyond what they would have been had the legislation not passed, according to the survey." ("Employers brace for health reform's cost spike," Crain's Chicago Business, Jerry Geisel, 1/06/11)

A Leading Small Business Coalition Recently Warned That Keeping ObamaCare Would Force Small Businesses to "Divert Resources Away From Hiring." "If this law remains in place, the small business community will be forced to divert resources away from hiring and expanding their business the very investments our country so desperately needs as it continues to struggle in a faltering economy with near double?digit unemployment." (Letter to Congress, Small Business Coalition for Affordable Healthcare, 1/18/2011)

The Illinois Legislature Recently Voted to Raise Taxes on Small Businesses, Hiking The Corporate Tax Rate By 46%. "Small companies are going to bear the full impact of the Legislature's vote last week to hike the corporate tax rate in Illinois by about 46%. Springfield levies corporate taxes on income generated in the state, meaning companies that generate a larger percentage of their income in Illinois will be hit hardest. Such companies tend to be smaller..." ("Illinois Tax Hike Hits Small Businesses Hard," Crain's Chicago Business, John Pletz, 1/17/11)

Peter Roskam