Congressman Peter Roskam

Representing the 6th District of Illinois

Roskam On Failed Stimulus Birthday Eve: We Don’t Need a Budget Like the Stimulus

Feb 16, 2011
Press Release


Chief Deputy Whip Peter Roskam (IL-06) released the following video on the eve of the second anniversary of President Obama signing the trillion dollar "stimulus" law. The White House promised that the 'stimulus' would prevent unemployment from rising above 8%. Two years later, and for 22 months straight, national unemployment remains at or above 9%:

"I'm Congressman Peter Roskam and we're on the eve of the two year anniversary of the stimulus. Remember the stimulus – where the Administration said if we passed it then unemployment was going to peak at 8%? Well, here we are, unemployment is still at a lagging 9%, and it doesn't seem to be going down anywhere soon - and we're two years out.

The administration rolled out a new budget and you would of thought that they would of tried to learn the lessons of the past. But this is a budget that just doubles down on the failures of the past, rather than moving to try and improve things.

It taxes too much, it borrows too much, and it spends too much.

The President recently said that people were getting impatient about the pace of reform and that things weren't changing fast enough. Yeah, two years out people are plenty impatient. You bet your life they're impatient.

That's why House Republicans have come in and said, "we're going to make some changes.' We're cutting government, we're cutting spending, in order to grow this economy.

Cutting makes sense. Cutting gets government off the backs of businesses, and going at these regulations that are strangling prosperity. That's where the action is, and that's where we need to go, and that's what House Republicans are committed to do."