Congressman Peter Roskam

Representing the 6th District of Illinois

Roskam meets with Sixth District providers during healthcare listening sessions

Feb 22, 2018
Press Release

DuPage Co, IL — During this week’s House recess, Representative Roskam (R-IL), Chairman of the Ways and Means Subcommittee on Health, spent time in the Sixth District meeting with stakeholders from the healthcare industry to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges they face to providing high-quality, low-cost patient care that yields better outcomes.

​“In my role as Chairman [of the Health Subcommittee], my goal is to understand how we can make providing quality patient care an easier and better experience for our providers by reducing regulatory burdens that create unnecessary obstacles while maintaining quality care for patients. Incorporating technology and data sharing is a huge component of this and we need to find the best way to make this work to help us drive better outcomes at lower costs,” said Chairman Roskam.

Meghan Woltman, Vice President, Government and Community Relations for Advocate Healthcare, welcomed the opportunity to address some of their greatest challenges: “We appreciated the opportunity to engage frontline system leaders with the Congressman so he can better understand Advocate’s move to value and how he can utilize his new role as Chairman of the Health Subcommittee to advance policies that improve quality and outcomes while also reducing regulatory burden,” said Woltman.

Chairman Roskam listened as doctors, nurses and administrators described the hurdles that cause fragments in the continuum of care for patients. They discussed possible solutions that would make it easier to provide high-quality care to patients and focus on outcomes over cost. Addressing opioid abuse is a growing concern among healthcare providers and reducing opioid dependence has become a critical component of long-term patient care.

President of DuPage Medical Group, Paul Merrick, M.D., also expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to present some of the challenges their group faces: “We appreciate Congressman Roskam taking the time to meet with DMG’s leadership team to discuss shifting health care towards a higher-quality, lower-cost delivery model. We applaud his commitment and initiative to talk directly to those who impact health care delivery.  As other industries continue to provide better service and lower costs, healthcare must press forward faster, reaching people where they need it most, both conveniently and efficiently.”

“As we begin to focus on and address the regulatory barriers that the health industry faces in an increasingly technological society, we’re going to see positive results reflected in how patients are cared for and in the overall cost of quality healthcare,” said Rep. Roskam.


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