Congressman Peter Roskam

Representing the 6th District of Illinois

Roskam Discusses Rising Gas Prices on Fox News

Feb 23, 2012
Press Release

Watch this morning’s full interview with Fox News’ Martha MacCallum here


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On a Solyndra Economy Versus a Keystone Economy:


“Well, what I would hope the President would do would be to acknowledge the failure of the Administration on this issue. The administration has basically come up with an energy policy that rewards his political allies. He has put Solyndra on top of Keystone… $3 billion has been lost in loan guarantees, and the president just sort of shrugs that off as no big deal, that's the cost of doing business. At the same time as he's put a stiff-arm on the Keystone Pipeline, which is a job creator and something that ultimately creates energy security. Similarly, the White House is complicit in this, in that they're slow walking the permits for expansion of off shore drilling in ways I’d characterize as passive aggressive.”

Natural Gas, Keystone, Expanded Energy Supply Would Lower Gas Prices:


“Take the Strait of Hormuz and the saber rattling by Iran, what's the best remedy to that? The best remedy is to bring safe Canadian oil down through the United States, our closest and most stable ally, and to open the Keystone Pipeline.... What happens if there is more energy that’s more highly productive? This is why it doesn't make any sense for the Administration to not expand offshore energy, not to be pursuing it aggressively in the Mountain West where we've got huge finds in terms of natural gas. That’s where the action is. Instead, the White House has come up and said look, we're basically going to reward political allies. We're going to cater to a radical environmental base, which is completely on the fringe of the energy discussion. We're going to kowtow to them as opposed to trying to lower energy prices for the rest of the country.”


On the Obama Administration Suggesting High Gas Prices Would Encourage Green Energy Initiatives:


“I’m talking to you from Chicago, and here in the Midwest within the past year, gas prices have jumped a dollar and a half. And for the Administration to say, look, high energy prices is something we should welcome and embrace and celebrate, I think is ultimately out of touch. It’s something that should be shunned and wholeheartedly rejected. They need to drop this nonsense of catering to a narrow political base of their allies and look out at what’s going to create lower energy prices for the rest of the country.”