Congressman Peter Roskam

Representing the 6th District of Illinois

Roskam Applauds Netanyahu Speech

May 24, 2011
Press Release


Congressman Peter Roskam, Chief Deputy Whip, issued the following statement after Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech to a Joint Meeting of Congress today:

"Prime Minister Netanyahu gave a strong, principled, and important speech to Congress today. The Prime Minister and Israel have a friend in House Republicans. As Mr. Netanyahu reiterated today, America and Israel have a unique and special relationship. As our strongest ally and only democratic friend in a deeply troubled region, America must stand with our friend Israel and reject any moves that diminish our special relationship.

"Israel should never be pressured to bid against itself, nor can it or should it ever go back to pre-1967 borders – a recipe for war, not peace. As I wrote last week, there are consequences for the Palestinian Authority's decision to join with a terrorist organization uniquely committed to the destruction of Israel. Now that Hamas is an official governing partner of the Palestinian Authority, we in Congress must reconsider our foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority."