Congressman Peter Roskam

Representing the 6th District of Illinois

Roskam Applauds House Passage of Bipartisan Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act

Dec 14, 2011
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Chief Deputy Majority Whip Peter Roskam (Il-06) issued the following statement today after the House passed the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2011, a bipartisan bill including the Keystone Pipeline project, tax relief for millions and more.

 “I applaud the House for passing this bipartisan solution to provide tax relief to millions of working families and remove barriers to job creation. The Keystone XL energy pipeline alone will create 20,000 new American energy jobs.

 “The Senate now has a simple choice: support tax relief for working American families and more American energy jobs or oppose more jobs and lower taxes. I urge the Senate to join with the House in supporting such commonsense bipartisan legislation. To not do so would burden millions of American families with further uncertainty and economic hardship."