Congressman Peter Roskam

Representing the 6th District of Illinois

Opinion Pieces

Mar 2, 2011 Opinion Piece

Op-Ed, The Hill, by Congressman Peter Roskam

Excerpt: We need a comprehensive fundamental tax reform overhaul — one that produces a system that raises the necessary revenue for the government to run as efficiently as possible, while removing barriers to private-sector job creation. More specifically, we need a revenue code that is fairer, simpler and no longer hinders our economic competitiveness — all of which cost jobs.

A fairer and simpler tax code would reduce costs for American citizens and job creators. Right now, the tax code often forces employers to make investment decisions based on the tax code, not by what is best for their business. The tax code should not be used to favor one widget over another, or one sector over another.

Feb 1, 2011 Opinion Piece

Op-Ed, by Congressman Roskam

Excerpt: House Republicans are making this a cut and grow Congress. We are working to cut spending and anti-growth government regulations in order to grow the economy and private sector jobs. It's a stark contrast from the last few years where democrats have pursued a philosophy of more government spending that ultimately raised unemployment. The numbers don't lie: record-setting deficits and near double-digit unemployment, in Illinois and the U.S., for almost two years now confirm that a new way is needed.