Congressman Peter Roskam

Representing the 6th District of Illinois

Opinion Pieces

Sep 19, 2013 Opinion Piece

Press Release:

Exerpt: "What America needs is a vision for an energy future that will jumpstart domestic energy production and put thousands of Americans back to work. The place to start would be immediately approving the Keystone XL Pipeline."

Aug 6, 2013 Opinion Piece

Op-Ed: Jerusalem Post by Congressman Peter Roskam and Theodore E. Deutch

Excerpt: "Until 2011, one of Israel’s greatest security challenges was the rocker [rocket] bombardment of southern Israel by Hamas. A blaring siren afforded the citizens of Sderot and other cities along the Gaza border just 15 seconds to take shelter."

Apr 15, 2013 Opinion Piece

Op-Ed: Jerusalem Post by Congressman Peter Roskam

Excerpt: "Fortunately, America stands shoulder- to-shoulder with Israel to combat these attacks. The United States stands with Israel in fighting terrorism, defending democracy and maintaining stability in the Middle East."

Mar 4, 2013 Opinion Piece

Op-Ed: Daily Herald by Peter Roskam

Excerpt: "When the money runs out, this vital safety net goes insolvent and seniors can no longer access the care they need. We cannot let seniors that need Medicare the most continue to lose out to criminals."

Apr 18, 2012 Opinion Piece

Op-Ed: Article, by Peter Roskam

Excerpt: "Studies show that Americans spend more than six billion hours a year complying with federal taxes. That means that, on average, each taxpaying household spends the equivalent of a week’s work preparing their taxes. The total compliance cost adds up to about $228 billion a year. As heavy a burden as this may be, many Americans can actually avoid spending their own limited resources on filing taxes."

Apr 10, 2012 Opinion Piece

Op-Ed: Article, by Peter Roskam

Excerpt: "With unacceptably high unemployment plaguing the country and the U.S. now faced with the highest corporate tax rate in the world, the White House and Washington should be working toward a simple goal: making America the most dynamic and competitive place in the world for job creation."

Feb 17, 2012 Opinion Piece

Op-Ed: Article, by Kevin McCarthy and Peter Roskam 

Excerpt: "The nearly one trillion dollar “stimulus” package was supposed to be Democrats’ government fix for the American economy. Not only did President Obama promise 3.5 million jobs, but the White House’s chief economists insisted that if only we passed the nearly trillion dollars in government spending, national unemployment would never reach as high as 8 percent."

Jan 23, 2012 Opinion Piece

Op-Ed: Article, by Lori Ann LaRocco

Excerpt: "The Keystone Pipeline was one of those issues, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, even labor were all behind it. All's the President had to do to make this happen and move forward was one simple word- yes."

Dec 7, 2011 Opinion Piece

Op-Ed: National Review Online, by Kevin McCarthy and Peter Roskam

Excerpt: Even more disturbing, the 219 regulations that could each cost the economy over $100 million would have a disproportionate impact on small businesses. A recent Small Business Administration study showed the total cost to employers of federal regulations is $1.75 trillion. For businesses with fewer than 20 employees, the per-employee cost was $10,585 — 36 percent higher than larger businesses. Washington needs to be removing barriers to small-business job creation, not adding more roadblocks to recovery.

Nov 7, 2011 Opinion Piece

Op-Ed: The Miami Herald, by Congressman Roskam

Excerpt: We're at a crossroads in this country. We borrow, spend and tax too much, and our federal government is painfully inefficient. Stopping Medicare fraud won't be the cure-all of our country's fiscal woes, but it would be a commonsense bipartisan solution to save taxpayers billions and help strengthen Medicare.