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Sep 30, 2011 Opinion Piece

Op-Ed: The Daily Caller, By Congressman Peter Roskam

Excerpt: ...the Administration refused to act for months – as Palestinians built UN support – finally pledging a "no" vote in September long after the die was cast. In fact, when the Security Council had their final open meeting prior to the UDI this past July, US Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice reportedly did not even attend. While the summation of this failure is embarrassing for America, it's far more disappointing and consequential for our strong ally Israel. Our allies should not have to be saddled with the residual failures of America leading from behind.

Sep 19, 2011 Press Release

Press Release

 Excerpt: "It is disappointing that with our economy on the verge of a double-dip recession President Obama is proposing trillions in higher taxes. Small businesses are already begging for mercy from Washington's high tax and regulatory environment. Higher taxes – and the uncertainty caused by the threat of them – is the last thing American small businesses and job creators need to endure. It's unfortunate but this latest proposal is predictably sad and sadly predictable from an Administration that has over-taxed, over-regulated, and over-spent our way to nine-percent unemployment and $14 trillion in debt."

Sep 18, 2011 Article

Article: Newsmax

 Excerpt: GOP Rep. Peter Roskam is challenging President Barack Obama to reduce regulations on businesses, saying government agency rules are choking off hiring.

 "Washington has become a red tape factory, with more than 4,000 rules in the pipeline — hundreds of which would cost our economy more than $100 million each annually," the Illinois Republican said during his party's weekly address Saturday. 

Sep 17, 2011 Press Release

Discusses The Impact of Excessive Regulations

 Congressman Roskam highlights some of our federal government regulations that hurt small businesses. The private sector will grow if government eliminates some of these barriers. Job creation can only come from businesses with confidence: reducing regulations will give them the confidence to grow jobs in America.  

Sep 17, 2011 Article

Article: USA Today, by David Jackson

Excerpt: Roskam cited examples of over-regulation that have affected companies ranging from Boeing airplanes to Gibson guitars.

While there are "appropriate and responsible regulations help protect our health and safety," Roskam added that "things have changed quickly, and for the worse."

Sep 17, 2011 Article

Article: The Hill, by John T. Bennett

Excerpt: He said more than 4,000 new rules are coming, charging “hundreds … would cost our economy more than $100 million each annually.”

Roskam also highlighted two high-profile issues Republicans view as overstepping by the federal government: the National Labor Relations Board’s charges that a new Boeing factory in South Carolina violates labor laws; and federal agents’ raid on a Gibson Guitars plant over charges of using illegal wood materials.

Sep 17, 2011 Article

Article: Los Angeles Times, by Andrew Malcolm

 Excerpt: Republicans are listening to America's job creators and working to address their concerns with real solutions. In the House, Majority Leader Eric Cantor has scheduled several bills for a vote this fall aimed at cutting red tape and addressing the excessive, Washington-imposed regulations that hamper job creation.

 This week, the House passed a bill to eliminate the barriers Boeing faces. It stops the government from telling an employer where it can – and cannot – create jobs.

 We can take common-sense steps like these and still have rules that look out for our health and safety. What's important is that these rules are effective and dependable. Job creators should be able to focus on their work – not on Washington's busy-work.

Sep 15, 2011 Press Release

Press Release

Excerpt: "I applaud the House for taking action to free a Chicago-based business blocked by unelected Washington bureaucrats from simply creating more American jobs. The NLRB's declaration and lawsuit was an unprecedented regulatory overreach – made worse since Boeing had already invested over $1 billion in their new South Carolina plant. Washington has no place telling American companies where they can and cannot create American jobs. The disappointing reality is that the NLRB's cheap political trick has real consequences on local economies and families. Not only is South Carolina's economy affected by the thousands of new good-paying jobs being stalled, but Boeing devoting resources to fighting this regulation means there's less to invest in other parts of their business, a company with employees in all 50 states."

Sep 13, 2011 Press Release

Press Release

Excerpt: “Sixteen years ago Congress came just one vote shy of passing a balanced budget amendment – garnering bipartisan support in the process. Now, Congress has the chance to get it right this time. For our economy now and for future generations’ sake later, we must pass a balanced budget amendment.”

Sep 11, 2011 Press Release

Press Release

Excerpt: “Americans have felt the effects of September 11th in many ways in the decade since. I want to pay particular tribute to the brave men and women in our military who have fought for our freedom this past decade, especially those that gave their lives."