Congressman Peter Roskam

Representing the 6th District of ILLINOIS

Full Biography

Born and raised in the district he serves, Peter Roskam is now in his fourth term in the United States House of Representatives. According to the Washington Post, Roskam “serves as a calming, drama-free influence” on Capitol Hill, and is regularly praised for his ability to distill complex national issues to their core.  

Roskam graduated from the University of Illinois before spending his early career in the office of his mentor, legendary Congressman Henry Hyde. He later earned his J.D. from IIT-Kent Chicago College of Law and went on to practice law in suburban Chicagoland, developing significant experience as a litigator. Roskam has represented Chicago's western suburbs in both the Illinois House of Representatives and Senate, where he served alongside then State-Senator Barack Obama, where they partnered to enact significant reforms to the state’s criminal justice system.

Congressman Roskam uses his membership on the Ways and Means committee to fight for fiscal responsibility and common sense tax initiatives.  Roskam played a key role in the committee investigation and response to IRS abuses involving targeting Americans for their personal, religious, and political beliefs. Roskam is a co-author of the Pledge to America and played an active role in securing a landslide House majority in 2010.

Roskam currently lives in Wheaton with his wife of 25 years, Elizabeth. They have four children, Gracey, Frankie, Steve and A.J.

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